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Finally, there are three appendices to this resource covering the Crimes Victim's Rights Act, sex offender registry, and conviction-based driver's license revocations. Farb, Robert L. F37 ].

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This resource covers North Carolina criminal law from arrests and investigative stops to rules of evidence in criminal cases, breaking each down in great detail. After each chapter, cross-referenced from within the chapter, is an appendix of relevant case summaries. Each chapter also comes heavily cited to primary law. Note: The most recent supplement is located on the 4th floor. Owen, Melissa ed. Newark, N. K55 ]. In this resource, each chapter covers a motion for a particular end, like suppressing evidence.

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The chapters begin with an in-depth explanation of the law surrounding the motion with citations and continues with sample motions. Some other included motions are: obtaining expert assistance, joinder and severance, and bail and pretrial release. Mosteller, Robert P. North Carolina Evidentiary Foundations. This exhaustive treatise offers practical guidance through various aspects of evidence.

It includes explanations of doctrine and summary list of elements for topics ranging from competency of witnesses, to the hearsay rule, to credibility. It also includes sample motions and examples of how an exchange might go between counsel and a witness or the court.

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Garrett, Chad D. Cary, N. G37 ]. This quick reference guide was designed to be a trial notebook. The land use laws are discussed in a logical outline format. The third edition of volume one covers developments through August and incorporates the previous supplemental updates, more recent developments in the law, and includes two new chapters.

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This Handbook is a bestseller. It is an authoritative, comprehensive guide to the law governing private sector and public sector employment in Arizona. Written and reviewed by over 65 top Arizona employment law attorneys, Arizona Employment Law analyzes cases, statutes, and regulations. This fifth edition covers developments through March 31, and addresses appeals and special actions to the superior court from justice and municipal courts, and review of city, county and state agency decisions.

It has been prepared to accomplish the Committee's continuing goal of making Arizona appellate practice more fully and generally understood, so that cases may be better presented and decided.

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Since when Volume Two was last supplemented, Arizona appellate practice has continued to develop and change. There have been new court decisions, statutory enactments and amendments, regulations, and rules. This new edition updates all text that has been affected by new case law and the Rules of Arizona Civil Procedure. From general advice on recording time, "billing judgment" and "reasonable hours," fee agreements, and apportionment, to responding to an application for fees and evidentiary hearings, ethical rules governing attorneys' fees and technical requirements of entering into fee agreements with clients, this manual provides the nuts and bolts details of what you need to recover fees.

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This desk reference is designed to enable judges and attorneys to have immediate topical access to attorneys' fee awards information. It also provides information whether attorneys' fees are mandatory or discretionary where appropriate. Fourth Amendment law and procedure continues to receive the active attention of the courts and the legislature. Criminal Procedure by Wayne LaFave et. This is a seven-volume treatise analyzing every aspect of criminal procedure from pre-arrest investigation through pretrial, trial, post-conviction and on to appellate proceedings.

Federal Sentencing Law and Practice Each of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines are analyzed in detail in this volume which enhances the understanding of how to apply them. Topics featured include determining the sentence, crime victim's rights, violation of probation and sentencing of organizations. The volume includes a table of cases, a table of laws and rules, and sentencing worksheets in the appendix. Prosecution and Defense of Sex Crimes by B.

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Anthony Morosco This treatise contains full coverage of legal problems involved in forcible and non-forcible sex crimes, including sexual and physical abuse of children and spouses, and prostitution. The appendices contain many samples, including motions, jury instructions and notice of appeals. Prosecutorial Misconduct: Law Procedure, Forms This treatise is only available electronically and can be either browsed or searched for specific topics. Considered the definitive treatise on the subject, this book provides a comprehensive and scholarly analysis of every prosecutorial abuse, from the initiation of a criminal investigation through the appeal and post-conviction stages, for both federal and state jurisdictions.

Many sample forms are included, such as a state court complaint for malicious prosecution, a memo in support of a motion for attorney's fees, and a form for informal discovery. Updated regularly online. Search and Seizure by John Wesley Hall Written by a practitioner for practicing attorneys, this two-volume treatise offers insight into such issues as the expectation of privacy, probable cause, the exclusionary rule, vehicle searches, and many other pertinent topics.

Substantive Criminal Law by Wayne R. Scott This multi-volume treatise focuses on the theoretical, rather than the "how-to. The authors try to reflect on the impact of the Model Penal Code. A table of cases, statutes and secondary authorities are included. Updated annually with pocket parts.