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There is much to be said for the idea that allowing man to suffer the consequences of his transgression is a powerful educational procedure. If Jehovah does only what is right Gen. In the final analysis, we must confess honestly that we simply are not qualified to judge what God is doing. Our scope of vision is microscopic.

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How unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past tracing out! For who hath known the mind of the Lord? Let us ponder several examples of such. Providence has to do with divine activity by means of the manipulation of natural law, in contrast to the miraculous operation of deity, in which cases natural law is suspended. When Paul came to Lystra on his first missionary journey, he healed a man who had been unable to walk since birth. The effect of the miracle dazzled the citizens of the city, and they sought to worship Paul and Barnabas.

But these men of God would have none of that. Surely in the glow of the sunset, the refreshing rains of spring, the bountiful harvest of autumn, and in a myriad of other ways, the goodness of our Creator is obvious.

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Another biblical writer notes:. In spite of the fact that this planet is cursed with the effects of sin cf. God has wonderfully revealed himself in the intricacies of a brilliantly designed Universe. But God has not given evidence of his power and wisdom merely in the design of nature, thus leaving us without more precise information regarding him. No, his goodness is also manifest in a series of written documents which contain such an astounding array of evidence authenticating their supernatural character, that we can only stand in awe of them.

The amazing unity of the Bible, its astounding prophecies, its literary precision — all of these factors, and many more — testify to the fact that the Scriptures are not of human origin. God has spoken through the revelation of Jesus Christ Heb. A written, checkable medium of communication is strong evidence of the goodness of our Creator. This is a magnificent concept.

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There are several significant elements involved in the concept of redemption. Reflect upon the following. First, there is the tragedy of human sin. Sin manifests itself in a number of hideous ways.

It is reflected in the insolent attitude that shuts its ears to heavenly instruction Jer. It is seen in a hardened condition which is oblivious to evidence and refuses to believe Jn. Sin is transgressing the law of God 1 Jn. In its wake sin has left disease, death, unhappiness, and frightful prospect of an eternal hell. Second, God was under no moral compulsion to redeem humanity from the ravages of sin — unless one takes into consideration the throbbing compassion of his loving heart. He had no earthly way to liquidate the obligation.

There was but one resort — to beg!

If one assumes that he made an average wage, which was about a dollar per week cf. The gentleman thus had an unrealistic view of his predicament. In the imagery of the story, the lord is God; the slave is the sinner who has been immersed in the consequences of his sin. Third, the goodness of God was manifest in the demonstration of his love.

Jehovah did not love abstractly, much less theoretically; he loved actively — in the giving of his Son. For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: for peradventure for the good man some one would even dare to die. Notice how we are described — weak, ungodly, sinners, and enemies subject to divine wrath We are unable to fathom or to express the amazing goodness of our Creator as expressed in the gift of Christ 2 Cor. As we mediate day and night on spiritual things Psa.

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  • Peter suggested that the longsuffering goodness of God is a reflection of his desire that no one be lost 2 Pet. It is such a comfort to know that our God is a Being of perfect goodness.

    Let us serve him with contentment. What do you think? God , the Father, sent His only Son to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in Him. Jesus , the creator and eternal Son of God, who lived a sinless life, loves us so much that He died for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve, was buried , and rose from the dead according to the Bible. If you truly believe and trust this in your heart, receiving Jesus alone as your Savior, declaring, " Jesus is Lord ," you will be saved from judgment and spend eternity with God in heaven.

    What is your response? Yes, I want to follow Jesus. I am a follower of Jesus. I still have questions.

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    Play Audio - Knowing God's Will. Read More. Finding God's will - What are my sources? Will God's will be obvious or hidden? How to know God's will for your life - What guidance does the Bible give me?

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    Learn More! Or Philosophically? Is the Bible True? Who is God? Is Jesus God? What Do You Believe?